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What is the Chakra?

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  • Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 09:41
  • Written by June Gee
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I must emphasize to you, crystals are a complementary therapy, they are not instead of seeing a health physician. You should always contact your GP for severe worrying health problems.

The word Sanskrit (which you may have heard mentioned - particularly when you look up "chakra") is from India, and means "wheel".

Chakras are what I perceive as vortexes of vibrational energy, (hence the wheel).

I have invested heavily in training to locate these, through energy in my hands, (this is the best way I can describe it) which when in alignment (where the chakras should be) they make you feel really good and content, so all is well with the world and everything about you, BUT, when they are out of alignment, they soon imbalance your body and mind making you feel out of sorts (out of balance).

Crystals are laid on the main seven points of the Chakra and the crystals are chosen appropriately to you, initially through colours, but after time as a crystal therapist I feel I can choose crystals that I feel are appropriate to you the client and not just a standard seven crystals to match the chakra colours.

Every Chakra has a colour that runs through your body, plus many many more than just the main seven, this is a vast subject, so if you just take this information as a basic introduction and expand on this for yourself if you like, the search engines available on this subject are numerous and you will find many conflicting articles and have to decide for yourself, your own truth on the subject.

"So, have a think ... how many times have you heard someone say they are feeling out of sorts today?"

Well nine times out of ten, I have found it will be down to the fact that they need a little Crystal Therapy to re-align themselves and get back to being the positive and relaxed personality they want to be, without having that black dog feeling hanging behind them where ever they go, not necessarily depressed ...  just feel that life could be so much better than it is, and feeling ... not to sure what to do about it!

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